Story Hustler!

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I've been called a lot of names during my career. Some have been nice. Others have not been so nice.

But the one reference that I think I like the best was written by an author named Lisa D. Campbell.

Ms. Campbell, once upon a time, wrote a very sympathetic biography of pop star Michael Jackson called "Michael Jackson: The King of Pop's Darkest Hour."

As you may have guessed, the book focuses on the time in the early '90s when Michael Jackson first found himself facing a little boy's allegations that he was a pedophile.

The book's press release says it "covers this tragic time in Michael's life, emphasizing the detractors and the supporters."
As you also might have guessed, I did not fall into the "supporters" category in Ms. Campbell's book.

No, working for the old tabloid T.V. show "A Current Affair", I dogged Jacko all over the world during his first sex scandal, from Singapore to Switzerland, from London to Mexico City.

Obviously Ms. Campbell did not appreciate my work, leading her in her book to refer to me as a--quote--story hustler.

I know she meant it as a slight, but I've got to confess, I've always loved the title, so much so that I'm thinking about asking my boss if I can have it printed under my name on my next batch of business cards as my official job description.

I want to thank Lisa Campbell. She was right.

"Story Hustler! "

It fits what I did back then and it probably still fits what I do today.

Tally Ho!