He wanted to put a face on the victims

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Paul Patrick wanted "to put a face on the victims." That's what his mom told me on Saturday afternoon.

Mary Patrick was sitting near a window of a room in St Joseph's hospital. Her 48-year-old son Paul lay in a nearby ICU bed, tubes and bandages covering his body.

Paul had a very serious stroke on Friday morning.

"It probably didn't do him much good to go to the trial every day," Mary told me, "but he couldn't stay away."

For the last six months, Paul Patrick has spent most of his days on the fourth floor of Phoenix's superior court, in the courtroom of Judge Roland Steinle, watching the trial of alleged serial killer, Dale Shawn Hausner.

On a hot summer's night back in 2006, Paul Patrick was shot by a faceless coward in a passing car. Paul's lower torso was torn apart by the shot gun blast.

Paul survived but his injuries were so severe that he lost most of his intestinal tract and ended up in a wheel chair.

The cold-blooded and totally unprovoked attack on Paul Patrick is just one of the nearly 90 crimes for which Dale Hausner was put on trail.....more to come.....mw