The good, the bad and the lip gloss

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I once read that Diane Sawyer's career philosophy is as follows, "I don't read my good press and I don't read my bad press."

See the thing is when you work on TV, there's a lot of good. And when people tell you how much they love you, it's easy to fall deeply in love with yourself. But then, there's the bad. And when it's bad, it is usually really bad.

I've worked in this business now for a little over ten years and in that time I've tried to stick to what Diane said (I don't know her but she since she doesn't read anything about herself I figured I could call her Diane). Still every once in a while I break down and look at some of my own press. It always goes down the same way, one second I am reminded of just how wonderful and talented I am (so says everyone who loves me). And the next second - ah there it is: The dagger through the heart.

Blogs are always the most brutal; sometimes brutally honest, and sometimes just plain brutal. Take for instance the blog thread that was sent to me last night. I heard Diane's unmistakable voice in my ear saying "don't do it." But did I listen to those imaginary words of wisdom from the woman who is - in my opinion - a Goddess? Nope! I got curious. Such is my nature and the reason I'm a journalist.

I would like to post the link for all to read but this particular blog talked a lot (of trash) about media colleagues of mine from 3TV and other stations and I don't think it's fair to drag them in to this. These colleagues, by the way, happen to all be extremely smart, hard working and wonderful people who - because they work on TV - become easy targets. We all realize it comes with the territory.

Against my better judgment I scroll through these posts. I'm feeling bad for the news people who are being bad mouthed about and wonder why this was sent to me in the first place. There has to be a reason, right? Oh yeah - a few pages in I see it:

Mar-11 @ 5:32 PM
Cary Pena cannot even talk.

But wait, talking is one thing I think I do pretty well. Just ask my mom or my husband. Anyway, I read on:

Mar-11 @ 7:33 PM
She can read, she just can't talk with a pound of MAC Lipglass painted onto her lips :o)

Mar-11 @ 11:11 PM
Please, the money she spends on hair coloring, she needs this gig.

Okay, so where's the part where people love me? I continue scrolling...looking for my supporters. I mean they have to be here somewhere right? I work really hard and I take my work seriously. Ah but the conversation isn't about that, is it? It's about hair color and lip gloss. Should have stopped reading right then. Help me Diane!

Mar-12 @ 7:28 AM
Channel 3 - all fluff and no substance. All pretty people with no brains.

Mar-12 @ 8:05 AM
I cannot bear to watch or listen to Carey Pena.....between her over-the-shoulders hair and her collagen-plumped lips I lose my mind.

See this is why I should have listened to the Goddess - she knows of what she speaks.

And yet all of this makes me realize how far I have come. Years ago reading this would have upset me. I would have tried to figure out who would sit around blogging nasty notes about newscasters. I would have wanted to set the record straight -- no I don't get collagen in my lips! But now I look at these comments and consider it a good gut check.

It reminds me why I am in this business. I'm here because I truly care about journalism and feel extremely fortunate to be working in this field. But the thing is, if you're a woman on TV inevitably -- with some, not all -- it will forever be about one thing: looks.

To paint the complete picture I should say for every few negative comments, there is always something like this:

Mar-13 @ 10:45 AM
While I have found some of these comments funny and entertaining- I would love to see what some of the people that wrote these posts look like.... Seems like most of the comments are about the news casts looks! You only WISH you looked that good,,,,, PLEASE!

Oh yes - there's the love. And I LOVE the love. Still I think the Goddess is right. Some things are better left alone - the good, the bad and the lip gloss.