Francisco Rascon

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This is Southern Arizona's Most Wanted. It's a segment designed for local law enforcement agencies to put the spotlight on wanted criminals running loose in our area. The Cochise County Adult Probation Office needs your help in finding 21-year-old Francisco Rascon, a wanted probation absconder. According to officers, Rascon was serving probation on a burglary charge when he stopped checking in with police. The last time he was seen was in July of 2007. Police believe Rascon is still living in Arizona and may be in Tucson or the Douglas areas. Police say in the past Rascon has worked as a laborer in construction. According to officers he has a history of eluding and resisting arrests with law enforcement.

Francisco Rascon is described as a hispanic white male. He's five feet seven inches tall and weighs

170 pounds, with black hair, brown eyes. Police say he has several identifying tattoos, including the letters E, S, T on his left fingers and on his back. He also has 3 dots and a tear on left check and the name "Leticia" on his left hand.

Please do not try and approach this suspect, instead call the Cochise County Adult Probation Office at 520-432-8812.