Game Week

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It's the best week of the year.

Better than Christmas.

Better than your birthday.

Better than anything you can imagine.

It's the first Game Week.

For the first time this season, you're not practicing the same drills over and over, not hitting the same guys over and over, and not running the same plays over and over. There's a little bit of variety. The practices lighten up a bit, there's less running, a little less contact, yet the intensity is cranked up a bit.

Offense one day. Defense the next. Then a practice- probably a walkthrough- in shorts and helmets. And then it's time.

Time to wear a tie to class.

Time to fidget in your seat all day.

Time to barely hear today's lessons.

Time to dig through the crepe paper and candy stuck to your locker, placed there carefully by a cheerleader or a member of the pep squad.

Time to think about your assignments, your footwork, your mechanics.

Time to put on the school colors for the first time this year.

Time to think about what that means.

Time to look into the eyes of the guy next to you and make a commitment to leave it all on the field.

Game Week has a different feel, a different smell, everything happens in slow motion- followed by a rapid acceleration into chaos.

Game Week everyone starts even, 0-0, for the only time all year. Everyone has a chance, everyone has visions of a championship.

Game Week contains all the emotions of the season, wrapped into five days. Anticipation, excitement, elation, disappointment.

Game Week has all the firsts. First kick, first snap, first hit, first touchdown, first win or loss.

After Game Week one you'll never feel the same. Game Weeks are always exciting, but it's just never quite like week one.

0-0. Let's tee it up and enjoy the ride.

Brian is Creative Services Director for FOX 11and My Tucson TV-18.