Declining revenues means layoffs for the City of Tucson

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The City of Tucson has stayed away from layoffs so far. But with declining tax revenue, city officials say job losses are inevitable.

"It's gonna be in the range I think of about $57- 60 million that we're gonna have to cut from," said Deputy City Manager Mike Letcher

It's a move city officials call "unprecedented" as they work to balance the budget by June.

"At the end of the day we are gonna have to lay off some employees," Letcher said.

Right now, city officials don't know where those employees would come from, but one sector council members want to avoid is public safety.

"At the end of the day, it may be where other departments have to take a deeper cut to have public safety take less," Letcher said.

Council Member Rodney Glassman wants to ensure funding goes to transportation and parks as well, yet he admits revenue could slide even further in the coming months.

"So we're not quite sure as a city where we're gonna be sitting, but we do know where our priorities are," Glassman said.

In the coming weeks, the various city departments will continue tweaking their budgets with the help of city management.

"We expect in two to three weeks we'll have a better idea of where we're going with our cuts," Letcher said.

In the meantime, council members still hope for the public's input.

"My colleagues and I would all like to hear from residents in Tucson about where they would like to see the city going when it comes to this budget crunch," Glassman said.

Council Members will meet with the city manager's office later this month to talk more specifically about what departments to cut.