Governor Jan Brewer sworn in

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John McCain's November loss is fellow Republican Jan Brewer's gain.

Wednesday, she changed titles. Arizona has a new governor.

Jan Brewer became the state's 22nd chief executive today following the move by Janet Napolitano to the Obama administration.

After she took the oath of office... Former Secretary of State - now Gov. Jan Brewer noted her predecessor.

"I also must extend a very sincere thanks to Sec. Napolitano. That's right, we've traded titles," Brewer said.

But in her inaugural address, Brewer promised a departure from the Napolitano era.

"Our government is going to get smaller. We know this, and the people know this," Brewer said.

She called for an overdue obligation for the state to live within its means.

Gov. Brewer spoke of the unpredictable nature that brought her, without being elected, to lead Arizona.

And she stayed optimistic throughout her speech while touching on the state's budget crisis and the down economy.

"I pledge today to be a governor for all of Arizona, and to lead our state to better times," Brewer said.

Brewer told listeners there is no time for gloom as she attempts to lead Arizona down that path.

"And I look forward to serving you in our great state," Brewer said.