Pima County has quiet West Nile season

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With the mosquito season nearing an end, the Pima County Health Department is pleased to announce that there have been no outbreaks of West Nile Virus in Pima County this year. As of October 23, the County had positive confirmed cases in 13 mosquitos, 3 sentinel chickens, and 11 humans. There were no deaths from the disease in Pima County, however 3 people died in Maricopa County.

"While this year has seen a quiet West Nile Virus season for Pima County, mosquitos do not recognize property lines, city limits or county boundaries," said Dr. Michelle McDonald, Chief Medical Officer for the Pima County Health Department. "We cannot become complacent in our mosquito abatement activities. I commend the public for taking aggressive action to protect themselves and their loved ones from all mosquitoes, not just those carrying West Nile Virus."