City of Tucson unveils recommended 2010 budget

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The proposed Tucson city budget consists of more than 200 pages of mind-boggling detail.

But the important numbers show millions of dollars in lower revenue for the city -- and even with big time cuts -- millions in increased taxes and fees for you.

The council won't vote on the final budget until June, but in the meantime, some of the things Tucsonans can potentially look forward to are taxes on residential rentals, taxes on memberships to health spas and tanning salons, and slightly higher water and electricity bills.

These, and a few other "revenue enhancements," will generate an extra $17.4 million for the city.

"This is a hard time to be asking the public to increase revenues," admits Tucson City Manager Mike Letcher. "It's not an easy thing to ask, but again somebody's gotta, we've got to cover the cost of these services that our citizens expect."

Some of those core services he's referring to include police and fire, and maintenance to city parks.

Meanwhile, Letcher himself got some news Tuesday. On a 6-1 vote, the council made him permanent city manager, replacing Mike Hein who was fired by the council last week.

Letcher has agreed to delay a scheduled November retirement. The council said it would negotiate with Letcher on his pay. He made $180,000 last year -- $33,000 less than Hein.