A heartwarming reunion, despite time and distance

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TUCSON - Nine months and more than a thousand miles couldn't keep a man and his lost cat apart.

Their heartwarming and unexpected reunion caused quite the commotion Thursday at Tucson International Airport.

Overwhelmed by all the attention, Ken Gold said he's just happy to have his cat, RV, back. He lost her nine months ago in Washington State, when he was packing up to move to Tucson. On Thursday TV cameras and fellow passengers caught the happy reunion.

Monica Tervoort is a pet owner herself, she was excited to learn what all the fuss was about.

"We were all going who's coming, and then I heard it's the cat lady. I heard that cat the whole time"

Despite the time and distance apart, a simple micro chip implanted in RV helped bring the pair back together.

Gold says he's touched by everyone's help in bringing RV home.