Teen boy allegedly kills girl in drive-by shooting

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PHOENIX - A Valley teen was shot and killed in a city park.


Teen accused of killing girl in drive-by - azfamily.com's Kristine Harrington reports a drive-by shooting in a city park killed an innocent girl.

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Christina Romero, the victim's mother says, "My daughter was so special."

The mother grieves for her 16-year-old daughter Lizette Cardoso who was shot and killed on August 12 at Desert Star city park in Phoenix. Christina says, "I didn't want her to go. I had bad instincts but she said 'Mom you can't watch me forever take care of me forever.' I said ok?and that's the last I seen of her."

Police say that even before Lizette arrived at the park, "There had been a group of boys in a fight, a rumble," according to Det. Jan Straight, with Phoenix Police.

Most of the boys had cleared out but then some returned to pick up their car and there was a second confrontation.

Det. Straight says, "The center rear passenger began accusing them of stealing the red car from the park." Then the suspect's car with five juveniles packed inside drove away.

Det. Straight adds, "The suspect car then made a U-turn and came back."

Police say the suspect was eastbound when he began shooting, aiming for some young men sitting on some irrigation equipment. He missed and struck Lizette, an innocent teenager hanging out with some friends in the park watching her 8-year-old brother play basketball.

Her mom says, "That's when her brother came home and told me what happened."

Police arrested the 17-year-old suspect the following day on unrelated charges. Now he is being charged as an adult and has been indicted on first-degree murder and drive-by shooting charges.

Christina says, "Even though he hurt my daughter and took her from us, I'd rather just leave it in God's hands and let him do justice."

There were four other people in the suspect's car so this case is far from closed.