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This is exactly the time, every year, when I get very tired of my summer clothes. That, coupled with all the new fall items arriving in the stores, I just can't wait to start thinking sweaters and boots. Now, reality settles in the minute I walk out the door and am reminded by the heat that we're in for several more months of some pretty hot days.

Linda Davis

Fall fashion trends - This is exactly the time, every year, when I get very tired of my summer clothes. That, coupled with all the new fall items arriving in the stores, I just can?t wait to start thinking sweaters and boots.

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But a girl can dream! And, a girl can plan for fabulous fall fashions. This year, I had an advantage, because not only did I scour the magazines and stores but I also was able to pick the brains of some of the boutique owners that I'm lining up for fashion shows in coming months on the show.

Fall Fashion Overview

The great news this year is that most everything that was hot last year is still very much in style. Dresses, suiting, showing off your body shape and pops of beautiful color all reign supreme. Plus, like I said on the show, I'd have to say that accessories are the huge stars of the season.

But, let's start with the colors and new trends of fall. The three freshest colors for autumn are that beautiful, rich deep purple color that made its mark last year. It's bigger than ever, probably because purple looks good on a lot of people. Add a deep orange color called papaya and a deep teal and you've got winter's brights that accent your blacks and browns.

One of the hottest looks this year is what they call the . Whether it's a one-shoulder evening dress or peek-a-boo blouses the shoulder peeks out of a lot of clothes this year.

Also making a comeback after a couple of years is plaid - all kinds of - from herringbone, to menswear plaid, to bold checks. I was so happy to see tweed jackets topping jeans, pants or skirts again. I always loved that look.

And speaking of jackets the boyfriend style blazers from years ago have resurfaced but this time with ruffled blouses underneath. And, gasp, even shoulder pads are back - look out for the 80's style.

Women still want bling but this year, at least as far as clothing goes, it appears to be a little softer - with shine and sequins.

The only two things that struck me in the "what were you thinking?" category was the touch of neon color even for us grown women. Great for the kids and teens - I think I'll pass. And, the other trend that leaves me groaning is the advent of leather leggings - again great for the teens and twenty-something's but that on me would seem foolish.

The Accessories of the Season

Like I said, accessories are HUGE this year! Here's what to look for: lots of long, multi-strand necklaces - tons of chains with a mix of gold and silver. Stacked bangles from wood to animal motifs and really ornate designs are appearing on arms all over town. These work well with the 3/4-sleeve length that also is popular right now. Belts are bold and adorned with gold and studs and chains. Pearls are everywhere again often touched with ribbon and even feathers. Purses are heavy with hardware and chains, too. And, they're in every color imaginable. Remember, the new rule is that the purse doesn't have to match your outfit's color scheme in fact it's trendier not to match.

I won't even get into shoes right now but just let me say that heels are as high as can be and boots are every height from shooties hitting the ankle to above the knee stilettos. Platforms have returned with a vengeance, too.

So needless to say, this looks like it's going to be a fun fall fashion season. My next step is to bring you boutiques in the Valley that make it all come alive so stay tuned.

And, while it's still blazing hot, do what I'm doing and dig through those closets and drawers to see what's already back in style - my bets are that you'll find a lot.

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