Good lesson learned after credit card charges appear

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PHOENIX - It was a baby book she'd been searching for and when she finally found it online it seemed like a bargain.? But this Mesa mom called 3 On Your Side after a bunch of mysterious charges showed up on her credit card.

As it turns out what she thought would cost a quarter ended up costing a whole lot more.

It was a baby book Brooklyn Peifer really wanted for her one-year-old son.

After doing a little research online she found the baby book at, for a quarter

"I couldn't pass it up," she said. "I mean, it was a quarter!"

But a few weeks later when she opened her credit card statement, something wasn't right.?

Suspicious charges were posting: $1 here, $19.95 there and then several $12 charges.??

Come to find out when she ordered that $.025 cent book she was automatically signed up for not one but two online memberships to and its sister company

Brooklyn called and called, sometimes waiting on hold for more than 20 minutes.

"The lady was rude on the phone and hard to understand tells me when I bought the book I agreed to be a member," she said.

Frustrated, Brooklyn called 3 On Your Side.

"I called 3 On Your Side because I don't want anybody else to get scammed like I was," she said.

The fact is, the lady at the call center was right. Technically.?

When Brooklyn ordered that baby book, she automatically agreed to the terms of membership buried in the fine print. If you don't cancel within three days, they start charging your credit card.??

Month after month, the membership charges kept racking up.

"It was a baby book, I don't want to be part of a book club, I don't need a membership," she said.

While this 25 cent book ended up costing nearly a hundred dollars, Brooklyn does has a valuable story to tell.

"I just want other people to read the small print, because what if people don't check their credit card statements every month," she said. "How many charges are they paying for that aren't even legit charges!"

3 On Your Side has been working to try to get Brooklyn's money back, so far the company has agreed to refund one of those $12 charges.?

The next course of action for Brooklyn is to dispute these charges through her credit card and that's exactly what she is trying to do.