Driver stops bus and turns off a/c as punishment

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MESA - The Valley is under an excessive heat warning so why would a Valley school bus driver turn off the air conditioning and roll up the windows on his school bus?


Bus driver punishes students with no a/c -'s Kristine Harrington reports a bus driver allegedly punished a group of students on a bus by stopping and turning of the air conditioning.

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That is what parents in one Mesa neighborhood want to know.

Parents are concerned that one bus driver's way of disciplining rowdy students is to make them all sit and sweat.

That is what happened Wednesday to a bus full of kids on their way home from Kerr Elementary School in Mesa.

Students tell 3TV they were yelling, swearing and jumping up and down on the seats. The bus driver asked them to stop and they did not so he pulled over and turned off the bus, thus stopping the air conditioning. Also when the kids tried to roll down the windows they were told not to.

Now 3TV has just spoken with the Mesa School District and have been assured this driver is no longer driving students and they have launched a full investigation.