Family billed for bottled water after they say they canceled service

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BUCKEYE -- A Buckeye couple say they canceled their contract with a bottled water company so why did they get billed four months later?

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They thought they canceled and that's part of the problem. The couple claim they canceled on the telephone when they actually should have canceled in writing.

"We always just used the water out of the fridge," Jarrod Sparks said.

Sparks said his family goes through a lot of water.

"My fiancee [Nikki Vonwald] started the daycare and we figured we needed better quality water for the kids who she'd be watching," he said.

So when a company called O Premium Waters came knocking on their door, Sparks says he decided to give them a try, but only after he claims he went through a "hard sales pitch."

"They were relentless," Sparks said. "They wouldn't let us just say no and close the door. They were just going. So I agreed to water service through them."

But Sparks says he decided to cancel service with O Premium Waters after he claims there was a billing error in which he was overcharged

"As soon as we got that bill we called them and told them, 'Come get your stuff," Sparks said.

On the day 3 On Your Side talked to Sparks, the company did come and pick up the water.

3 On Your Side spoke with the president of O Premium Waters, who says the company did nothing wrong.

Stephen Currier didn't want to speak on camera. However, he claims company phone records never indicated the Sparks family ever called and canceled their water service despite several conversations between parties.

Even if they did call to cancel, he says their contract clearly states they have to cancel in writing, which the couple acknowledge they didn't do.

Currier also maintains there was never a billing mistake and the company even reduced the bill before 3 On Your Side got involved.

Sparks says this whole thing has left him drained

"The water's delicious, it's good water; I'm not going to lie about that," Sparks said. "But for what you have to go through, it's not worth it. I'd rather drink tap water."

A word of advice here, always read everything before signing a contract.