Man allegedly dragged naked from West Valley home

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PHOENIX -- Police are searching for four suspects after an early morning home invasion and kidnapping in the neighborhood of 94th Avenue and McDowell Road.

Man allegedly kidnapped

Man allegedly dragged naked from West Valley home - Police converged on a neighborhood near 94th Avenue and McDowell Road for an alleged kidnapping early Thursday morning.

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A man reportedly was forced to strip naked and dragged out of his home at about 3:30 Thursday morning.

That man, whose name has not been released, was dumped some three hours later in the area of 99th Avenue and Jones. Police said the man appears to be mostly fine, but is not cooperating with them.

While details are still sketchy, police said four men busted into the home, yelling "Police!" and demanding money. Those supsects grabbed the man, made him strip, and then took him away. They later dropped him off not far from the scene of the home invasion. He suffered some abrasions and a broken arm, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police said it's possible that the suspects, who remain on the loose, assaulted another family member as they left the house. Video showed a woman holding an ice pack to her head.

According to investigators, the suspects were seen driving away in a dark four-door Honda. The only descriptions of the suspects they have right now are three Hispanic men and one possibly African American man, all wearing dark clothing.

Investigators remain in the neighborhood as they try to piece together exactly what happened and why.

"Right now, we are not getting clear information [from the victim] about why this happened, or what the motive is between all of this," said Officer Luis Samudio of the Phoenix Police Department.

According to police, this kind of home invasion incident is not all that uncommon.

"This has happened more than once," Samudio said. "We also know there is a lot of other illegal matters that are going on with these types of incidents. ... Victims are also involved in some criminal activity that brings these individual to these homes."

Police have not yet determined why this home was targeted.