Licensed contractor leaves Sun City couple upset over remodeling job

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SUN CITY -- A Sun City couple say they wanted to use some of their retirement money to remodel their home, but things didn't quite work out.

Rose and Jack Schultz did everything they were supposed to do. They checked to make sure their contractor was licensed, they checked his references -- they did it all. But in the end, they still got taken for $ 12,000.

The Schultzes were pretty excited when they decided to remodel the inside of their Sun City home.

But all that work, including removing a wall and purchasing new cabinets, was going to cost a lot of money.

"Actually, we cashed in a cancer policy," Rose said. "We took it out years and years ago and after a certain amount of years, you start getting a certain percentage back so we cashed it in."

With money in hand, the Schultzes hired a licensed contractor by the name of David Reynolds, who owns a company called Jobri Builders.

According to a contract, the remodeling job was going to cost $23,000, but the couple say Reynolds needed half up-front -- right around $12,000.

So, Jack and Rose handed over three different checks for 12 grand.

"We really liked him," Rose said.

But after getting that money, Reynolds and his company stopped showing up altogether.

So where's the money?

"He says it's gone," Rose said.

Reynolds told 3 On Your Side on the telephone that he's fallen on hard times.

"I lost $40,000 on a job I didn't get paid for and in time it kept me from completing their job," Reynolds said.

Since he didn't get paid from another job, Reynolds says he used the couple's $12,000 to basically keep Jobri Builders afloat.

"I pay a $6,000 payroll at the end of the week and it doesn't take long to go through say eight or nine thousand dollars," Reynolds said.

Reynolds promised he would call the couple and re-establish contact.

"I think this is what I'd like to do, is give them a call and talk to them and see what I can work out to get their house complete," Reynolds said.

Reynolds never did live up to that promise and never called the Schultzes.

So, a week later we went to his Surprise home where a woman told us Reynolds was out.

It's certainly not good news for Jack and Rose.

"We don't feel that we're dumb people, we feel that we're trusting people," Jack said.

Rose and Jack stand a chance of getting their money back from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors because they did use a licensed contractor.

However, it could take up to 10 months to see that money.

Again, this is why I always urge caution when handing over money for a job up-front even if it is a licensed contractor.