UPDATE: 1-year-old boy dies after being pulled from Peoria pool

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PEORIA -- A Peoria 13-month-old has died after he was found floating in a backyard swimming pool Tuesday night.

Near drowning

Peoria toddler critical after near drowning - A Peoria baby is fighting for his life after being found floating in a backyard swimming pool.

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A relative found the boy at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. It's not clear how long he had been in the water.

Police started CPR as soon they arrived on the scene.The little boy was air-lifted to the hospital, but he had no pulse when he arrived.

According to investigators, the pool gate had been propped open. In addition there were at least two doggie doors big enough for the baby to get through.

Four other children, including a pair of siblings, have nearly drowned since Saturday.