Woman finds it hard to cancel gym membership after becoming disabled

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SCOTTSDALE -- A Valley woman wants to cancel her gym membership and she claims she has a valid reason.

When the gym wouldn't let her cancel, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

Paula Eddy says she had good intentions of getting into shape and that's why she joined a gym in the first place. But what she didn't count on was becoming disabled.

For Eddy getting around these days has become difficult. Last year, Eddy was actually fine. In fact, she felt so good she decided to join Pure Fitness in Scottsdale and signed a two-year contract.

"I had finally decided this is it," she said. "It's time to get down to brass knuckles and tone up and everything like that."

Eddy says she actually enjoyed working out, but after she committed herself to Pure Fitness, she was forced to undergo knee surgery and hip surgery and she now suffers from a debilitating spinal problem.

"It's painful, it's progressive and it's crippling," she said.

Eddy's doctor provided documentation indicating she was not allowed to exercise and Social Security officially declared her disabled.

Eddy thought that's all she needed to cancel the year left on her contract with Pure Fitness.

"I quoted them the section of their contract that says if you're disabled you can cancel out," she said.

But Eddy says the gym wouldn't cancel and claims Pure Fitness wanted her to pay the remaining $300 balance left to fulfill her contract.

"Social Security says I'm disabled, my physician says I'm disabled, but Pure Fitness says I'm not," she said.

So, 3 On Your Side got in contact with Pure Fitness and spoke with Commodore Mann.

"On behalf of all of Pure Fitness, we're really sorry," Mann said.

Mann acknowledges that the gym did in fact drop the ball on this one and should have canceled Eddy's contract as soon as they received documentation that she was disabled. But somehow Eddy's case just fell through the cracks.

"Well, really it was a mistake on our part and we are heartfully sorry for it," Mann said.

Mann says not only will Pure Fitness not hold Eddy responsible for the remainder of the contract, but because of all the aggravation she went through, the gym will also cut her a check for the first half of the contract she did use -- around $380 worth.

"We're giving Paula back all of her money," Mann said. "It's really the right thing to do looking at her case."

The resolution is above and beyond what 3 On Your Side or Eddy were expecting and we certainly appreciate Pure Fitness taking care of business.

"We work hard to do our best with all of our customers and we just fell short of our goal with Paula," Mann said.

I appreciate Pure Fitness working with us on this one. They actually have a good record with the Better Business Bureau. They're an accredited business with the BBB and they have an "A" rating.