Skimming device helps thief steal from ATMs

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PHOENIX -- Phoenix police are looking for a suspect who used a skimming device to withdraw money from the accounts of two victims.


Suspect wanted for credit card skimming - Phoenix police are looking for a suspect who withdrew money from the accounts of two different people by using a skimming device.

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Between June 17 and July 29, police say a man in his 20s with a thin build withdrew money from two different ATMs located at Seventh Street and Union Hill and 34th Street and Bell Road.

In both cases, the victims still had their debit cards, but the suspect was able to use the victims' personal identification numbers (PIN), which detectives believe were obtained through a skimming device.

A skimming device is used to slide an ATM card into a skimmer and then it reads all of the account information stored electronically on the magnetic strip. The device can record the PIN as it is punched on the ATM keypad.

One victim told police that he discovered large amounts of withdrawals from his account after checking his online statement.

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call SILENT WITNESS at 480-WITNESS.