Deputies converge on Apache Junction neighborhood after reported kidnapping

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APACHE JUNCTION -- Sheriff's deputies converged on an unincorporated area between Mesa and Apache Junction Monday morning after a woman called 911 and claimed she had been kidnapped.

Woman escaped kidnappers?

Woman calls 911 claiming she was kidnapped - Maricopa County sheriff's deputies converged on an Apache Junction neighborhood Monday morning after a woman called claiming she had been kidnapped.

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Deputies, K-9 units and SWAT officers were called out to the neighborhood of Crismon Road and University Drive early Monday morning. A woman reportedly called 911, saying she had been kidnapped but was able to escape.

A neighbor told 3TV he heard law-enforcement officers on a loud speaker ordering somebody to come out of a home.

MCSO has not confirmed any details of this morning's incident, but deputies were talking to a woman to try and determine exactly what happened. Video showed the woman sitting in the back of a squad car. She had a black eye and looked like she had been roughed up.

Early indications were that MSCO would turn the investigation over the Apache Junction Police Department.