Colorado couple who lost dog in Phoenix rescues another at pound

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PHOENIX - A Colorado couple who lost and then found their beloved dog in Arizona is now adopting one more puppy from the Valley to take home.


Honeymooners reunite with their lost dog -'s Tylor Baldwin talks to a Colorado couple who lost and found their beloved dog, Jackie, during their honeymoon.

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The couple says they were driving through Arizona on their way to Mexico when they spotted a Barnes & Noble store off the freeway and stopped to take a map.

They say they tied 15-year-old Jackie outside the store and left a bowl of water for her. But when they came outside they could not find Jackie anywhere. The couple appeared on 3TV News @ 9 to ask for the public's help in finding Jackie and even offered a $2,000 reward for her safe return with no questions asked.

The next day after their appearance on 3TV they got a call that someone had Jackie. 3TV talked to the couple after they had Jackie back and said they extremely grateful.

The couple then decided to rescue a puppy from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control at the Mesa locations. They have decided to name that pup Phoenix.