Be careful when trying to improve your credit score

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PHOENIX -- Are you looking to improve your credit? It's a great idea, but you have to be very careful.

When it comes to improving your credit, a lot of companies may make you a lot of promises -- pay us some money and we'll repair your credit. But watch out!

"This is why I need a bigger house that I can call my own," Marian Seu said.

Seu rents a small apartment in Phoenix and that's the very reason she wants to buy something a little bigger.

But with all the homes for sale here in the Valley, Seu says she can't qualify for a loan to buy anything.

"What happened is that I filed for bankruptcy about seven years ago," Seu said.

So, Seu contacted a company called Repair My Credit Now, also known as RMCN.

For nearly $1,100 up-front and an additional $99 every month, Seu says the company told her it would improve her credit score.

"They're going to clean up all my credit so in nine months I'll have superstar credit so I can get a home," Seu said.

But today, nearly a year later, Seu says her credit is exactly the same with no improvement at all.

"I call them and they never call me back," she said. "I left messages, but nobody calls me back."

3 On Your Side has learned that Repair My Credit Now has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, citing it has concerns with the credit repair industry as a whole.

Even the Federal Trade Commission warns consumers that "no one can remove accurate negative information from your credit report."

But Seu thought that's what Repair My Credit Now was going to do for her.

However, that's not what her contract says. It clearly states for all that money they would review her credit reports and demand the agencies to remove what it calls erroneous negative information.

But all of Seu's negative information, she says, is accurate, including that bankruptcy she filed, so that can't be removed.

Even if she did find information that was wrong, she could have demanded it be removed herself. She certainly didn't need to pay a company to do it.

Seu says she's learned a very expensive lesson.

"My credit is still the same," she said.

Repair My Credit Now tells 3 On Your Side they'll review Seu's case but did not indicate what, if anything, they would do.

They did acknowledge that what they are paid to do consumers can actually do themselves for free.

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