Valley company steps in to train woman's dogs after trainer takes off

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PHOENIX - Being ripped off can really bite, especially when the money you're out was supposed to pay to tame your noisy pets.

In May, 3 On Your Side introduced you to a Laveen couple who said they'd been ripped off by a man named Aaron Ross, owner of North American Dog Training Academy.

"Very shady, very shady and not a good person to deal with," Patty Evans said.

After the report aired, 3 On Your Side began hearing from folks Valleywide, claiming they too had been conned by the company.

Since then, all known telephone numbers for Aaron Ross have been disconnected.

And 3TV understands he no longer has ties to a Phoenix apartment listed as the company's address.

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Aaron Ross did return $150 of the $550 Robert and Patty spent with him.

While they are still out a lot of money, their dogs' behavior has done a one-eighty, thanks to Gary Viscum with Bark Busters.

The dog behavioral therapist saw the report, and stepped in to train the pups, for free!

"It was great, we couldn't have asked for a better trainer, it was wonderful," Evans said.

Gary says when dealing with disobedient dogs, praising them for good behavior is most important, and that the number one mistake owners make is treating pets like their human.

When we do that we empower the dog to be in charge, and then behavior escalates and gets worse," Viscum said.

After weeks of training with Bark Busters, Robert and Patty say their dogs' never-ending barking has hushed.

There's also no more jumping on the couch or pulling them down the street.

Although getting help for their hounds didn't quite go as planned, they say the outcome is all they ever wanted.

Thank you again, to Bark Busters for helping out.

For more information, including how to find a reputable dog trainer, log on to a link from for the American Kennel Club, .