T-shirt transformations: Sewing and Mighty Mend-It

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I walked into the station a while back and our producer, Charlene, gave me a fun challenge. She had a copy of a book -- "Generation T" Beyond Fashion" by Megan Nicolay -- and she also held an armful of T-shirts she brought from home. Knowing I would love to take this on, she encouraged to start . Plus, at the same time, my friend Anne and I were cleaning out her closets when she looked at a stack of T-shirts she'd gotten at various events and said, "You should find out what to do with old T-shirts."

Linda Davis transforms Ts

T-shirt transformations: Sewing and Mighty Mend-It - I walked into the station a while back and our producer, Charlene, gave me a fun challenge. She had a copy of a book -- and quot;Generation T" Beyond ashion and quot; by Megan Nicolay -- and she also held an armful of T-shirts she brought from home.

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How could I NOT give this a try? My only hesitation was the fact that I don't have a sewing machine, nor do I like to sew by hand AND I'm a really, really bad seamstress.

That out there for all of you to understand, you'll probably not be surprised that I started with a couple of no-sew projects and ended up purchasing a type of no-sew fabric adhesive at Walgreen's called .

Now, allow me to digress from the book for a moment and just let you know how well this "As Seen on TV" product works. I actually ended up using it to put together the entire pet bed you see in the segment and the T-shirt-to-cloth shopping bag and more. You have to follow the directions and work in small areas and work quickly, because it dries really fast. But, as a non-sewer who was faced with making a bunch of sewing projects, it worked!

OK, back to the book's projects. There are some really fun ideas in here. It's available on Amazon.com and probably at local bookstores. I've been hooked lately on buying used books on Amazon and have gotten some copies in really good condition for a fraction of the price.

If you find you or your family tend to end up with lots of T-shirts from sports teams, events, concerts, etc. And you feel like tackling some creative projects - pick up the book.

It's got everything from fashion re-dos, to kid stuff, to pet goodies to home fashions and more. The directions are easy to understand and the simple drawings make the projects really do-able. Plus, the author gives each one a level rating from 1 to 5. So, if you're like me and just starting out, you can work your way up. If you sew well or even just have a sewing machine, you'll end up with some fun stuff.

Watch the segment to see how easy some of these are. Keep in mind the one main reason you can do so much with old Ts - T-shirt fabric doesn't fray, so you can cut them and leave a raw edge without having to hem each cut or worry about it fraying into nothingness.

Here are my transformations:

#3 Get it Twisted Tank Top - (you could see this on my Sally model, all you do is cut off the sleeves and deepen the neckline. Then cut off each at the shoulder seam, twist the remaining straps and re-sew the top at the shoulder. It gives you a tank top with twisted straps that will leave people baffled.

#30 Pillow Talk, knotted pillow: This was fun, easy and no-sew. Perfect for all those leftover sports t-shirts.

#42 Plastic Surgery - grocery tote: Again, sooo easy. Just cut off the sleeves, the neckline and sew up the bottom with a double seam to create an original shopping tote.

#51 Tutu for Now - baby tutu on an onesie - great grandma project to give her onesie a bit of feminine flair.

#53 Baby Back Bib -as easy as can be and again a no-sew project.

#68 T-shirts Pet, pet bed -this was my hardest project only because of the sewing involved (so I copped out and glued most of it!) You'll need four t-shirts and about 2-3 large bags of pillow stuffing. Mine was made from 8 16-inch squares but you could go larger. It also can just be sitting cushions for the kids. As Lisa mentioned, perfect for all those sport shirts.

Oh and of course I made a variation on one of the projects into the sweet tooth fairy pillow with a pocket. I have to confess, I started out a little daunted, and was going to make only about 3 of the projects, knowing my sewing deficiencies - but I got easily hooked and kept making more and more things. Maybe I'll need to do a follow-up segment and actually buy a sewing machine.

Live and Learn.