2 Dead after small plane crashes in Prescott

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PRESCOTT - Two people are dead after their small plane went down just feet from the runway.


RAW: Aerials of plane crash that kills 2 - RAW aerial footage of a plane crash in Prescott that killed 2 people.

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Some people 3TV talked to in Prescott did not want to say anything about the crash, almost like it was bad luck. While others felt terrible for their families if they have any.

It appears the pilot may have noticed something wrong but just could not make it back in time..

Eric Kriwer, with the Prescott Fire Department says, "Currently we're not aware of how the aircraft went down."

Very little is known about what caused the small single engine plane to crash just a few feet from the southeast runway at Love Field in Prescott.

Kriwer explains, "When crews arrived they found a plane fully destroyed and on fire on the ground."

The crash happened at around 2:45 p.m. on Monday. That is when it is believed the plane was leaving, ran into some sort of problem, made a U-turn in the air, then crashed.

Kriwer says, "We haven't got any of the radio communication between the tower and the aircraft."

Fire crews put down tarps to cover the bodies of two people whose identities have not been released yet. Kriwer says, "It was potentially a transient aircraft not based out of the Prescott airport."

According to the FAA the plane is registered to a Los Angeles resident although they say they are not sure if that person was onboard. The FAA and the NTSB are both still trying to piece together this afternoon's fatal crash.