Obama protesters carry guns outside VFW appearance

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PHOENIX - Police monitored about a dozen people who were carrying weapons during a protest against President Barack Obama on Monday afternoon.


Group with guns outside President's event - azfamily.com's Jared Dillingham reports everything went smoothly for Pres. Obama's VFW event, but what happened outside the convention center is what is making news.

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It happed outside the Phoenix Community Center where the President was speaking at a VFW Convention.

Sgt. Andy Hill with the Phoenix Police Dept. says their community response unit detectives were monitoring the group of armed people who were taking part in a peaceful demonstration.

Only one person in the group actually had a rifle slung over his shoulder. The group of protesters did not violate any laws and were therefore not arrested.

Sgt. Hill says plain-clothed police officers continued to monitor the group and reported no physical or verbal threats were made. Police say officers had peaceful conversations with some protesters whom police were expected to carry weapons at the protest but also knew they intended no harm.

Some people became upset when they saw the protesters with guns and brought it to the awareness of law enforcement.