Lawmakers miss deadline for property tax repeal

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PHOENIX -- The Legislature missed a deadline Monday for repealing a state property tax, but lawmakers are still working to end the levy before tax bills are mailed to property owners.

Another deadline

Will another deadline pass the Legislature by? - Lawmakers are getting back to business as they make final tweaks to the budget and try to figure out the state property tax. Steve Voeller with Arizona Free Enterprise explains what's been going on.

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The tax has been suspended for three years but is set to take effect again. Counties were required to set tax rates Monday.

Maricopa County, which as the state's largest county has the largest volume of bills to mail, has until Sunday to adjust tax bills before they are printed.

Although the repeal has cleared both chambers of the Legislature, the state House still has to approve tweaks made to the proposal -- and then it would head to Gov. Jan Brewer.

If it isn't repealed, the tax would cost the owner of a $200,000 home an additional $70 in taxes.

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