Investigating the mess in front of Scottsdale City Court

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SCOTTSDALE - You may have noticed all the construction in downtown Scottsdale, so when 3 On Your Side began getting complaints about a botched job at city court, Carey Pena went looking for answers.

Visitors at Scottsdale City Court are a little annoyed these days, having to dodge all this construction, but city officials say, it's for the best.

"The renovation of the facility is to provide more room for access and screening for people coming in," they said.

The project is part of a million-dollar makeover to the entrances of city court and the Scottsdale Police Department.

But when work began two months ago, crews weren't able to find anything supporting these 25 foot tall pillars in front of city court, at least at first.

"Even though when we dug down we didn't find the concrete we originally expected, as we went deeper we did find the footing for the structure."

During construction, workers also found the soil beneath the sidewalk had softened since the building was built 15 years ago.

A concern, which, down the road, may have made your stride look more like a slip-up.

City Inspector Derek Earle said at no point was the entrance or the building at risk of collapsing, something some were concerned about.

"So any issue that was there we've pretty much taken care of by removing and replacing the soil," Earle said.

So while it may not look pretty now, the city says it will be and they expect to have construction cleared by late next month.