Plans laid out for Pres. Obama's visit to AZ

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PHOENIX - The President and his family's trip to Arizona is not all about politics. It is also about a vacation.


Delays, closures likely when Obama family visits Grand Canyon - Tourists at the Grand Canyon may be faced with some delays or closures in certain parts of the canyon because of President Obama's family trip.

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3TV is learning more about the family's plans and how it will impact Valley roads. 3TV talked to local police, the Secret Service, and Parks Officials. The First Family will spend Saturday night through Monday morning in Arizona, both in the Valley and up in the Grand Canyon.

As always, for security reasons, they are keeping the Obama's exact travel plans and travel routes a secret.

Air Force One is expected to fly into Sky Harbor Saturday night around 6:30 p.m.

Roads will be closed as a motorcade escorts the First Family to an undisclosed Scottsdale resort. More road closures will be in effect on Sunday morning and the Obama's will head back to Sky Harbor to take Air Force One to the Grand Canyon.

Marine One is already in Tusayan ready to help escort the Obama's around northern Arizona this weekend. The private tour is closed to the public and the press.

David Eaker, a National Parks spokesman, says, "I think a lot of people who come Sunday will hope to see him, but the likelihood of that is nil."

It has become a tradition for Presidents to visit the canyon. Bill Clinton came in 2000 and George Bush was there in 2002.

The Obama family's visit coincides with the park's free admission weekend for the public. Those who head up to take advantage of the deal should expect unpredictable closures and delays as the first family moves around.

Eaker admits, "We know where he's going to be, but it's not info we can pass on."

The Obama's fly back to Phoenix Sunday night at around 6 p.m. Then there is one more round of road closures on Monday as the motorcade takes the Obama family back to Sky Harbor for their departure.