Student pilot lands plane in field after losing power

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GLENDALE -- A plane went down in a field in the West Valley Wednesday morning.

Plane makes hard landing

Plane makes hard landing in West Valley - A small plane made a hard landing in a dirt field in Glendale Wednesday morning.

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The single-occupant plane made a hard landing near 115th and Glendale avenues at approximately 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, a 27-year-old student pilot was doing touch-and-go-landings.

Phoenix Fire spokesman Alex Rangel said when the plane lifted off, it lost power.

The pilot was worried he was going to fly into nearby houses, according to Detective James Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department.

The pilot realized that there was an empty field nearby and made a hard landing there.

"He took evasive actions and he basically went into a nosedive to avoid hitting the housing area," Holmes said.

Rangel said the plane sustained damage to the propeller and wings.

Rangel said the pilot of the Tomahawk aircraft, who recently started flying by himself, was not injured.