ASU tuition increases capped at 5 percent for some transfers

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TEMPE -- The state has figured out a way to keep tuition costs down for students transferring to Arizona State University from the Maricopa County community colleges.


ASU caps tuition costs for some transfers - Students transferring from Maricopa County community colleges to ASU will now be treated like ASU freshmen to save on costs.

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Annual ASU tuition increases will be capped at 5 percent from the time students start community college so that when they transfer, their fees will not exceed what they would have been had they started at ASU in their first year.

The agreement extends to all students who major in one of the 20 most-popular transfer-degree programs.

The goal is to encourage students to get their bachelor's degree and not price them out of college over the two or three years it takes to complete their degrees once they transfer to ASU.

The agreement does not include other community colleges or the other two Arizona universities.