Man accused of armed robbery during Craigslist transaction

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TEMPE - A man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of armed robbery that started with Craigslist.


Man accused of armed robbery during Craigslist 'sale' - Police say a man pretended to be selling something on Craigslist but allegedly committed armed robbery when the "buyer" showed up.

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Police say 22-year-old Brenden Cirillo posted items for sale on Craigslist and the victim who wanted to purchase the items agreed to meet the suspect in the 2100 block of N. Scottsdale Road in Tempe on Tuesday.

When the victim arrived, Cirillo allegedly approached him as he remained seated in the car and the suspect took out a knife and stole cash from the victim before feeling the scene.

A search warrant was obtained by officers and they found evidence linking Cirillo to the robbery. He was taken to Tempe City jail and faces one count of armed robbery.

The Tempe Police Department has the following tips when purchasing from online sellers: -Set up a meeting in a public place -Bring a companion to the meeting -Don't provide anyone with banking information or credit card information -Don't provide anyone your date of birth or social security number -Consider using online payment sites such as PayPal -Report any suspicious activity to your local police department