Airport contruction projects creating jobs in Phoenix

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PHOENIX - A lot of new construction project are cropping up at Sky Harbor.

Job opportunities

Construction plans at airport creating jobs

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At the airport a taxi way is getting ripped up and replaced right now.

It's a stimulus funded project that'll benefit traffic on the tarmac, but it's also putting "America back to work."

"Thank goodness Ames picked up this airport job and put me to work," construction worker James Seaton said.

Seaton has been unemployed for two months.

"You really had to scale back a lot and watch what you spend and where you go," Seaton said.

Seaton is one of the lucky ones as many of his construction friends are still out of work.

"It's a real tough business, surprisingly tough actually," he said. "I'm a native here in Arizona, been around, I've done this all my life, I know a lot of people and I still had a lot of trouble, two months, worth of trouble trying to find a job."

Sky Harbor has two major stimulus funded projects in the works, the new "taxi way" which is underway right now and a new people mover called "the Phoenix sky train."

It's a project that's also expected to generate hundreds of jobs.

"Gave us a great opportunity to hire the people we laid off and some new people," said John Ames with Ames Construction.

As these projects progress more people will be hired and more work means more families able to live better again.

"This reassures that we can continue life the way it ought to be," Seaton said.

And for Seaton that means spoiling his two kids.