Neighbor scares off home invasion suspects who claimed to be police

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GOODYEAR -- Police in Goodyear are investigating a possible home invasion.

Police searching for 2 men

Police investigating possible home invasion in Goodyear - Police in Goodyear are investigating a possible home invasion.

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It happened early Thursday morning at the home of a couple in their 70s who live in the area of Litchfield Road and Van Buren Street.

Investigators said quick thinking on the part of a neighbor might have kept the situation from turning tragic.

At about 5 a.m., two men kicked in a door leading from the caport into the home. According to the couple, the men shined a light in their faces and told them to get down on the floor, saying they were with Avondale police.

The couple didn't do what the men told them. The victims said that's when the pair shoved them into a bathroom and started demanding money.

The next-door neighbor, whose bedroom window faces the victims' home, heard noises and went outside to check it out.

He discovered an F250 pickup truck parked on the street by his house. He asked the woman inside what she was doing. When she told him she was talking to her boss, the neighbor realized something wasn't right. After seeing the damage to the victims' door, he immediately went back into his home and called 911.

Investigators said the neighbor might have scared off the invaders.

The men took a purse, some money and some jewelry before they took off.

The neighbor went back to the victims' home and found them locked inside the bathroom. The couple told him they were fine.

"Neither one of us was harmed. That's the important thing," said Jerry Sherman, the homeowner. "We've been robbed before, but never had anyone come into our home. That was kind of frightening. Other than that, we're fine."

The couple was shaken up, but otherwise unhurt.

The neighbor who called 911, said the woman he saw in the truck was Hispanic. The couple said the two men who were in their home were Hispanic, as well.

Police are looking for two Hispanic men ages 20 to 30 and possibly 6 feet tall. They were last seen driving away in a white Ford F250.