Mesa woman feel duped by Web site

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MESA -- A Mesa woman says she found out the hard way when it comes to ordering something off the Internet so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

Well, she didn't get scammed and that of course is good news.

If you need information on how to order an Arizona birth certificate or even a copy of your marriage certificate:

But she says she certainly got tricked and she wants you to learn from what she calls a mistake.

Katy Foreman says she had one simple task recently. All she had to do was find out how to order a copy of her boyfriend's birth certificate.

"I was trying to get a birth certificate from the state of New Jersey for my boyfriend in order to get him insurance," Foreman said.

She did some research and found the state of New Jersey's official Web site.

"I looked up the state of New Jersey's Web site where you ordered it from and it was $25 for regular processing, which was over like 12 weeks, and then $35 for an expedited service," she said.

Foreman thought that was a lot of money so she surfed the Internet for a cheaper way and came across a Web site called Easy Birth Certificate.

"It asks you to pay $19.99 through Paypal and I did and it says, 'Upon your payment you will be given a link to get your birth certificate," Foreman said. "So I said OK."

But Foreman was very disappointed because that link took her to the state of New Jersey's official Web site -- the exact same Web site where she just visited for free.

"Oh, I felt so stupid," she said. "I mean, I found it the first time on my own. I didn't need to pay them $20 to tell me. It was a total rip-off."

Easy Birth Certificate's Web site reveals that they're fast, easy and convenient. It sounds great. But a closer look says, "We take you exactly where you need to be to order certificates online." And essentially that's exactly what they did.

Foreman says she could have saved $20 had she realized what that statement really meant.

From now on Foreman says she'll be more careful before ordering things online.

"Definitely be careful before you buy something," she advised. "Maybe if they are not elaborate or if they don't explain it better, don't give them your money."

Foreman complained to, saying she felt like she had been duped, and their response was to refund $15 of her $20.

I have no idea why they wanted to keep $5, but Foreman feels lucky to have gotten anything back.