Man who plotted to kill AZ Republic reporter dies in jail

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TUCSON (AP) - Authorities say the man convicted in the 1976 car-bomb slaying of an Arizona Republic reporter has died in prison.


One of Arizona's infamous killers dies - One of Arizona's most infamous killers died in prison.

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Eighty-year-old Max Dunlap was serving a life sentence for the killing of Don Bolles.

Arizona Department of Corrections officials say Dunlap was found unresponsive by medical staff Tuesday morning at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Tucson.

Prison staff performed CPR before declaring Dunlap dead of what appears to be natural causes.

In 1993, Dunlap was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder for arranging Bolles' murder.

Bolles' car exploded as he backed out of a parking lot at a Phoenix hotel where he had gone to meet a tipster.

Authorities say a bomb made of dynamite had been planted under Bolles' car and was detonated by remote control.

Bolles died of his injuries 11 days later.