New mom fighting with lab, insurance company over medical bills

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says she has a big billing problem following the births of her twin boys so she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The woman really feels like she's fallen through the cracks.

Her insurance company, Gilsbar Insurance, claims they have paid everything according to the paperwork that has been submitted to them.

However, a company called Sonora Quest Laboratories says, wait a minute, we haven't been paid yet. And Rachal Yazzie says that's where the problem begins.

Yazzie will be the first to tell you that having newborn twins is hectic.

"Having the babies, it's fun, it's a blessing, but it doesn't help with bills that are adding on top of it," she said.

Before she delivered her two new sons, Yazzie's doctor sent her to Sonora Quest Laboratories to have some tests done.

The typical work, Yazzie says, was completely covered by her insurance, so she wasn't worried.

But, for some reason, Sonora Quest claims they were never paid by Yazzie's insurance and are passing on $1,300 worth of lab work to her.

"Insurance is telling me that 'we sent the checks, we're done, we're not working with you guys no more, you need to deal with the lab," Yazzie said.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and asked Sonora Quest to look into the matter. They discovered that three of the five invoices had actually been paid but were applied wrong.

However, there are two remaining bills that are unpaid and Sonora Quest has resubmitted those bills to Yazzie's insurance company.

Yazzie says the ordeal has rubbed her wrong.

We'll wait and see if the two remaining bills get paid. In the meantime, Sonora Quest does have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.