Harry Potter: Love Potion #9

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conjures up 4 Red Vines for being magic on steroids

It's year 6 for Harry and the gang who attend Hogwart's and a new monster is roaming the hallowed halls of the castle. A green eyed monster that is! The newest installment in the Harry Potter franchise "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" finds the kids focus a little askew as hormones turn the academy into a gothic version of 90210!

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Harry finds himself increasingly drawn to his best friend Ron's little sister, Ginny Weasley, while Hermoine is in full denial of her feelings for Ginny's big bro. Meanwhile, a new character, Lavender, is introduced to pursue Ron, to Hermoine's utter dismay. Of course, it doesn't help matters any when a new potions Professor introduces his prolific pupils to luck and LOVE potions! All this awkward teen angst brings a lot of comic relief, more so than in previous installments.

And these kids and you are going to need that comic relief as the stakes are higher than ever in this first rate drama. Emboldened by the return of -yes I dare say it! - Voldemort, the Death Eaters are on a destructive rampage in the muggle world and are just a heartbeat away from penetrating the safety of the Hogwarts haven.

Professor Dumbledore imparts precious information to Harry as he prepares him for the ultimate battle that is sure to come. Meanwhile Harry takes it upon himself to stalk the ever suspicious Draco Malfoy who seems to be up to more sneakiness than ever before.

All the usual faces are here again: Hagrid, Professor McGonagall, shady Snape, loony Luna and the enterprising Weasley twins. And more than ever this movie seamlessly picks up where the last one left off. In fact Harry is in full mourning of his losing Sirius Black. Plus all those special touches of magic return with new tricks to dazzle and amaze.

The audience can always depend on Harry Potter movies to be wondrous and entertaining and The Half Blood Prince only amps up and lives up to all those expectations. Darker, scarier, high stake drama with a teen twist, you can't go wrong escaping our desert heat and enjoying 2 & hours roaming the enchanted forest with some dear old friends.

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: Well of course the audience loved this movie! My companion remarked all the way to the car about how much he liked it.

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