HazMat fire at pool-supply warehouse

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PHOENIX -- Crews were called out to a HazMat fire at a West Valley warehouse Monday morning.

No injuries

HazMat fire at Phoenix pool-supply warehouse - Firefighters were called out to a fire at a Phoenix pool-supply warehouse Monday morning.

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It happened at about 8 a.m. near 59th Avenue and Buckeye Road.

Fire crews said they saw smoke when they arrived on the scene, but it was staying very low to the ground.

Early reports indicated that the warehouse is owned by a pool-supply company and that the fire involved a pallet of chlorine tablets.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, there were other pool chemicals, including ammonia, inside the building.

While sprinklers contained the small fire, firefighters on the scene had to deal with the runoff water. They also had to decontaminate anybody who came into contact with the chemicals.

According to the Fire Department, no one was injured and there was minimal damage.

The Department was Environmental Quality was on the way to the scene.