Residents in Peoria neighborhood getting stuck in the asphalt

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PEORIA - Some Valley families say their street has started to melt!

Folks in a Peoria neighborhood say they like to kick back their heels, but not like this.

For months, neighbors have been sidelined from their own streets because they say the roads are just too gooey to walk on.

The problem began months ago after the City of Peoria had the roads resurfaced using a rubberized chip seal, but with the temperature rising neighbors say the rubber is melting.

"It's an issue that through the summer months we can't live with," Ron said.

And the sludge isn't staying in the street, it's getting stuck on vehicles, boat trailers and even on people's pets.

"You can't walk your dog through it, no, it'll get on their paws if it's hot out," Chris said. "It's very frustrating cuz every day I come home and it's more and more, more in the driveway, more in the house."

The contractor hired for the job told 3 On Your Side their asphalt trucks are computerized and may have applied too much material in smaller surface areas, areas like the Crocus Drive cul-de-sac.

It's a mistake the City of Peoria said it's trying to fix.

The city said the project is part of a $1.3 million dollar street sealant program designed to prevent damaged roads from costing more in the long run.

Neighbors say its bad enough they have to deal with the gunk, but what makes it even worse is they're stuck paying for it too.

"That's our taxpayer dollars that went to it and we basically have to be stuck with it until it gets resolved," Ron said. "Our hands are tied."

Neighbors hope the city will get their cul-de-sac corrected.

After 3 On Your Side got involved, the City of Peoria and Cactus Asphalt did agree to begin repair on the streets.

Those repairs should take several weeks.