Woman using storytelling to inspire, educate youth

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PHOENIX - Educating children through storytelling is an idea that has been around for many years. This type of educational entertainment is now here in the Valley with someone who is looking to make this innovative way of teaching a permanent option for all children.

Auntie Pooh

Gwen Traylor is "Auntie Pooh" using story telling and song to teach children in the Valley.

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Gwen Traylor is "Auntie Pooh the Storyteller". She started her career in Detroit, Michigan and has been in the Valley for about one year. She has been doing this for 14 years, along the way she has been a role model for many kids. She says she is looking to help inspire children and better their reading and fitness habits.

Auntie Pooh says her gift to the children and the world is to give what's inside of her to help promote knowledge and education through fun and storytelling.

She will be releasing a series of books in September about her experiences as a child, some family experiences and messages on how people can overcome obstacles in life. She says it will be a simple way for children to begin to understand that no matter what has happened in their lives, they are not the ones to be blamed.

Some of the services she provides range from interactive readings and face painting, to sing-a-longs, hands and on with instruments.

She is available for bookings at schools, after school programs, child care centers, birthday parties and hospitals, to name a few, and she says she is excited to be in Arizona where Triple R Child Care of Arizona has been one of the first to open their doors to what she has to offer.