Hate Ironing? Try Steaming your Clothes

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I'm one of those weirdos who actually doesn't mind ironing. It's instant gratification, wrinkles there, wrinkles gone. Plus, when I was about 12, I started ironing clothes for family and neighbors as a way to make money - I was a "smooth operator." (sorry couldn't resist the bad pun!)

Linda Davis

Hate Ironing? Try Steaming your Clothes and Linda Davis shows you how.

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The truth of the matter is that if you hate to and many of my friends absolutely can't stand it - consider as a great option. In fact, even me, an ironing queen reaches for my steamer more often than the iron. With today's styles and fabrics it just makes more sense. Plus, keep this in mind, the investment in a good clothes steamer will save you dry cleaning dollars in a snap. Just think of all the times you've tossed in a wrinkled item and sent it to the cleaner, not because it was dirty, just wrinkled.

Plus, our clothes are an investment and some recent comparisons I found online show that the fibers of our clothes get crushed by ironing (makes sense) but the fibers get relaxed by steam. Therefore steaming is gentler on our clothes. Today's popular embellished looks can also be steamed and not ironed, draped styles are easier to steam and on and on. It just makes sense.

Invest in the most powerful clothing steamer you can afford

Here's my words of advice based on my research - invest as much as you can in the most powerful clothing steamer you can afford. Some come with options like brushes and lint removers but I'd put my money on powerful, strong, constant steam. If you can swing it, consider one of those floor models like the Conair one I used on the show.

If you can't spend the $70 or so dollars and want to get one of the hand-held ones, just get one with as much wattage as possible. I had one called the My Little Steamer by Joy Mangano that I loved. It was powerful and had great steam. Sadly, I left it behind on a short trip - but I will replace it in a heartbeat.

So, good wattage, lots of constant steam. You'll want to steam your clothes hanging up - try hanging them from the top of a cupboard or

Your clothes are an investment. Don't you want to apply the safest, gentlest?

Unlike ironing, steam actually relaxes the fibers rather than crushing them.