Woman thinks she was scammed when bra never arrives

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PHOENIX - A Valley woman paid good money for custom fit lingerie, but says she didn't realize it was coming from overseas.

When more than a month went by she thought she'd been scammed.

"Primarily because of my hand my disability it's harder for me to do the clasps so the fewer clasps, the easier," Jacqueline Curtis said.

Jacqueline Curtis has a hard time finding bras, so she wanted to have a few custom made for her body.

She went to a store in Peoria called Custom Fit Bras and Swimwear which had exactly what she was looking for.

"She told me she had them in stock and then I give her the money and then she tells me oh well we're going to have to order them," Curtis said.

Curtis said she was told her bras would take two weeks to be delivered, that was a month and a half ago.

According to Curtis she kept getting the cold shoulder when she asked the store owner why it was taking so long.

"I'm like in aweville, I cannot believe, it feels like I've just gotten scammed," she said.

3 On Your Side spoke with Yvonne Ermisch, the woman who runs custom fit bras and swimwear.

Yvonne tells us she has been in business in the Valley for 30 years and in an email to 3 On Your Side said, "I never promised a certain time frame for delivery, I have no control over the shipment."

After 3 On Your Side stepped in Curtis did receive one of her bras in the mail.

"That bra was supposedly shipped out shortly after I started talking to you guys," she said.

For Curtis, it was a frustrating bra buying experience, which might not seem like that big of a deal. But this young mother says every dollar really counts.

"I would've bought the material myself and a sewing machine at that price and made my own, I mean this is just ridiculous," she said.

Curtis paid up front $130 for her order. The lesson here, if you are promised goods by a certain date make sure you get that date in writing. Also it's important to know the store's refund policy so you can protect yourself as a consumer.