Arizona schools operating without a budget

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PHOENIX -- The fate of Arizona's budget is still up in the air as Arizonans await Monday's special legislative session.


K-12 not funded in current budget? -'s Kristine Harrington reports it was a late night at the State Capitol but the governor is not pleased about the state budget.

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The state Legislature passed a budget early Wednesday morning, cutting a total of $630 million, $220 million of that amount was straight from K-12 education.

Gov. Jan Brewer made a drastic cut of her own, vetoing all K-12 funding and calling the Legislature back for a special session on Monday.

So for the first time in Arizona's history, K-12 schools are operating without a budget, which the governor hopes will force lawmakers to approve more funding.

"This is a negotiating tactic," Treasurer Dean Martin said. "The governor is holding the Legislature over a barrel, basically do this or else there is no school."

The public schools will get the $600 million rollover payment they have coming to them, but school districts are expecting another $300 million July 15 and charter schools are counting on another $60 million to pay their bills and their teachers. That gives lawmakers two weeks to figure it out.