Specialty platter/wall hanging

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Holiday craft project

Specialty platter/wall hanging - Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot shows azfamily.com's April Warnecke how to make a very cool piece that can be a platter or a wall hanging.

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-18" Terra Cotta Saucer

-6x6 Novelty tile

-White Rock Quartz (or desired color or spray paint it)

-Primer or Terra cotta sealer

-Accent paint for saucer edge and bottom (desired color)

-Omni Grip premixed thinset

-Grout or Super Glaze

-Small trowel

-Tools for grout: float, sponge, bucket or

-Tools for Super Glaze: stir stick, gloves, plastic containers for mixing


-Select Rock and tile to place in saucer or anything can be used. Such as: Photos, Mosaic Tile, River Rock, Shells, etc.

-Spray saucer with primer or sealer (thinset and tile will not adhere properly to saucer, also, too much moisture, saucer must be sealed with primer or terra cotta sealer)

-Let dry

-Paint or spray edge and bottom of saucer desired color, let dry

-Spread premixed thinset all over the inside base of the saucer (thickness determined by materials, for rock and tile approx. 1/4")

-Place the 6x6 tile in the center of the saucer

-Pour rock quartz around the tile and fill the remaining area at the base of the saucer

-Press down all of the rock until it is all secure in the adhesive, let dry.

-Turn saucer over and pour off any loose rock

-Wipe off edge of saucer to be free of rock residue

-If grouting: mix grout to a peanut butter consistency, spread with a float, wipe with sponge

If using as a serving platter, use Super Glaze, FOLLOWING MFG. INSTRUCTIONS:

-In 70 degrees or cooler.......

-Using equal parts resin and activator

-Pour resin into 1st container and equal amount in a second container

-Pour the activator into the resin and mix gently for 2 minutes

-Pour entire mixture into a clean container and mix for another 2 minutes

-Very quickly pour mixture into center of the saucer, it is self leveling, it will fill in

-Spread into edges with a foam brush, if necessary.

-Brush onto the edge of saucer, so all areas are covered, let dry

-Hardens in 30 minutes, cures in 72 hours before using.

-Wait min 4 hours before 2nd coat, if you want a thicker coat of resin.