Contractor runs off with Sun City couple's money

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SUN CITY -- A Sun City couple trusted a contractor to paint their house but instead, he took off with their money.

In this day and age, you trust no one.

Unfortunately, this couple say they trusted a contractor by the name of David Cain.

He was supposed to paint their home. Instead, he painted these poor people into a corner.

Donna Hicks and Harold Campbell love their Sun City home but thought it was time to spruce up the outside.

"We just like it, you know," Hicks said. "It would look so good. This house was built in the '70s and it's time to upgrade."

So in April they got in touch with a company called Cain Contracting to stucco and paint their home and that's when they met Cain.

"He walked around the outside and he just said, 'We're going to redo the whole front porch and paint that ceiling," Hicks said. "He was going to do everything! We were so excited about having it done because he seemed so honest."

The couple say the price seemed reasonable so they didn't hesitate when Cain requested a 50 percent down payment.

"The job was going to be $6,280 and we gave him $3,140," Hicks said.

But after handing over all that money, Cain vanished.

"He just said, 'I'll be back with my men by Monday, no later than Monday,' and nothing, nothing," Hicks said.

Frustrated and out thousands of dollars, Hicks turned to 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side discovered that Cain shouldn't even be doing business because the state suspended his license last year.

Still, that didn't stop him from taking all that money from Hicks and Campbell.

3 On Your Side went to Cain's North Phoenix house, but no one would ever come to the door. He did leave us a voicemail, though, promising that he would return all that money to Hicks and Campbell.

As for the couple, they feel they've been duped and hope Cain comes through with his so-called promise.

"That's a lot of money just to kiss goodbye," Hicks said.

Cain tells me he'll give the $3,100 back to Hicks and Campbell by the second week of July.

Well, the clock is ticking, David Cain, and we'll see if you come through with all that money like you say.