The Proposal: Taming of the Shrew

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I like Sandra Bullock. She's hard not to like. But the years have shown her to turn out one movie much like the other. Consequently I quit going to Sandra Bullock movies a long time ago. I confess the trailers for "The Proposal" looked funny. Ryan Reynolds was a nice incentive, too. But you know how it is with funny trailers. Quite often, especially with romantic comedies, the best parts are all in the trailer with nothing new left for an audience to discover and enjoy. I am happy to say that this is not the case with "The Proposal"!

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In a modern day take on "The Taming of the Shrew", Bullock plays a boss from heck who blackmails her beleaguered male assistant (Reynolds) into a sham marriage to stop her deportation back to Canada. Simply put she is a terror, or better yet, as her assistant refers to her, a terrorist. Think Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" but younger. Hey this is even centered in the publishing world, too. This time its books not fashion mags.

Of course an obsessive INS agent makes it his mission to expose their relationship and have her shipped back. When the couple goes to his family's home in Alaska for his granny's birthday, they get pressured into having the marriage right then and there.

"The Proposal" is a throwback to the screwball comedies of the 1930's and every bit as fun. Bullock and Reynolds display great chemistry and GREAT bodies. Can I say in a completely unhomophobic way that Sandra Bullock has an amazing body? Forget that she's 45 years old! The comedy of errors that pits the two leads literally against each other while fully nude is absolute pure comedy gold!

And speaking of gold, golden girl Betty White does nothing more than be Betty White and that's all it takes to steal every scene she's in. On the other hand Oscar Nunez will come across as some fresh face to most but a lot of us have enjoyed this man in bit parts on everything from "Reno 911" to "The Office". Here he gets a chance to shine as a small town's one man band as store clerk, caterer-even exotic male stripper! An act that will make you think no one has stripped this good (or bad as the case may be!) since Chris Farley's unforgettable dance off with Patrick Swayze on "SNL"!

Clichs abound in the newest Sandra Bullock comedy "The Proposal". From an uptight, power biatch of a boss, to an arranged marriage to avoid deportation to a wacky granny, even an out of shape male stripper, we've all seen these kinds of situations before. But the comedic chemistry of the leads, the truly talented supporting cast and the excellent, well choreographed direction by Anne Fletcher and fresh take by writer Pete Chiarelli elevates this mundane premise to something funny and memorable. If you are looking for something with a message and big action scenes you will be sorely disappointed. But for a summer escape of screwball fun, "The Proposal" is a great date movie for you and your man or your best friend!

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: Continuing in the vein of cute closing credits, more laughs come for those willing to wait before they bolt!

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