Father's Day Man Cave

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Father's Day - "Taking back the World, one Man Cave at a time!"

man caven. A dedicated area of a house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.

Perfect Man Cave

Creating a man cave for your guy - Looking for something nice to do for the guy in your life. Linda Davis has all you need to know to create a man cave.

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As a woman, I'm entering dangerous territory here - resisting every urge to bring in "a pop of color" to the room. A man cave is sacred ground and I've just learned the essential components. It begins with a vision and leads to so much more! Some guys are lucky enough to have elaborate, I dare say, stunning man caves.

But, let's say you can't dedicate an entire room to the cause. I've found some sources that allow you to make a temporary one for your guy for Father's Day or for his birthday or just a day of thanks for being a great guy!

For your Father's Day Man Cave Start Here:

Start at the Internet center of the universe of all things to get an overview of what a man cave should be. That's their slogan at the top of the article and who knew that what I see as the man cave world headquarters is right here in - Sierra Vista, Arizona. And the grand marshal has to be Mike at . Here you'll find photos of fabulous examples of man caves, merchandise and man cave essentials. Mike ends every email with "Cave On!"

So to create a man cave for a day - here's what I found:

The Essential Man Cave Elements for Father's Day:

The Environment

Dark, decorated by men not women, comfortable and exclusive - away from the daily workings of a home and with as big a TV screen as possible. Consider covering the windows, crank the air conditioner down and let him enjoy the day.


Give up the remote to your guy for the day, rent or bring in a selection of guy movies and if he likes video games, tell the kids that Dad gets to make the choice on this day.

Father's Day Beverages

. Whatever brew you love. But consider Guinness as a hearty beer for a great man cave. It's been around since 1759 - that's nearly cave man days! Plus, not only is beer perfect for drinking but it's also great for boiling your next item (see following topic "The Food.") There's nothing better than a drink that can also be a food preparation tool!

Now if your dad doesn't drink beer, consider a specialty root beer and you'll find a fantastic selection at Pop The Soda Shop, 1649 N. 74th Street in Scottsdale, 480-994-4505.

Father's Day Food

What could be better than cooking up some brats for your guy? I found the most delicious fresh brats at Arizona's landmark, Schreiner's Fine Sausage at 3601 N. 7th St., Phoenix, 602-265-2939. Here's how they told me to cook them up:

On the stovetop in a large pot, pour in a couple bottles of your favorite beer (or just water if you want), one sliced onion and bring to a simmer. Place your brats in the liquid and cook slowly for about 20 minutes. Don't boil them - ever, ever! the casing will pop and they'll dry out a bit. Then pop them on your grill or grill pan to brown up and enjoy. They're perfect when eaten directly off the grill. Oh My!!!!!

But, f you need to keep them warm, or just want to try a new topper, check out this recipe for Beer Warming Sauce. My hubby loved it!

Savory Beer Warming Sauce

2 - 14.5 ounce cans stewed tomatoes

2 bottles beer

1 large onion chopped

1 green pepper chopped

2 large pinches of brown sugar

Mix ingredients and bring to a simmer. Hold grilled brats in sauce until ready to eat. Do not let it boil! Ever! This works great if you're serving a crowd and want everyone to eat at one time.

Father's Day Cigars

If cigars are in your future, visit Don's Fine Cigars at Central and Camelback in Uptown Plaza, 20 E. Camelback Road for one of these babies, a Padron, a La Aurora or A Fuente Gran Reserva. The store's owner said they are great as a cigar gift because most everyone finds pleasure in smoking them. They all consistently rate in the 90's for satisfaction and quality - even if you're a first time cigar smoker. You may have to take the smoking piece from your man cave to man camp outside but that could be enjoyable too. You can give them a call at 602-248-0160

The Father's Day Wardrobe

T-shirts, favorite hats and nothing that binds. Sit back and savor the day - where would we be without you guys!!!

Cave On!

Live and Learn