Woman needs help getting deposit back after canceling landscaping job

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman canceled a landscaping job, but she can't seem to get her deposit back.

The deposit is a couple thousand dollars so it's a lot of money.

It was all put on a credit card so it seems it would be just as easy to remove it as it was to charge it. But that's not the case for Judy West.

West couldn't wait to spruce up her yard with some California flare.

"What we wanted to do was we wanted to put a grass front yard in," she said. "I'm from California so everything's grass. I just wanted grass again."

So she went to Home Depot to get some advice and direction.

"We had gone to The Home Depot and they had given us a referral to one of their contractors," West said.

Home Depot's referral? A place called Creative Environments Design and Landscape.

So West called them up to get things going.

"We were going to take out a bunch of these existing plants, put in grass with a border and a lot of our plants were going to be moved around and we were going to put in a few extra plants," she said.

The grand total for this grassy renovation was $5,500 and Creative Environments Design and Landscape required an immediate deposit.

"They took a deposit of $2,600 from us," West said. "We were putting it on our Home Depot card. We had a six-month period to pay it off."

West was excited to get her renovations under way until a conversation with the company.

"He came back to me and said, 'We can't do what we had originally planned," West said. "We can't put grass in the side yard, it's just not going to work,' so we were disappointed."

At that point, West decided since they couldn't stick to the original contract and budget they decided to hold off.

And West says that's when the problem started because although the project never got off the ground, the billing never came off her Home Depot credit card.

"I got my next Home Depot statement and it was still on there," West said.

And West says she's having a hard time getting anyone to listen.

"Home Depot tells me it's Creative Environments, and Creative Environments told me it's on Home Depot's side," West said.

After months of this West says she decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"I'm going to be charged another couple hundred dollars in interest on a purchase I didn't even make," she said. "I have nothing and they have $2,600."

Creative Environments Design and Landscape tells 3 On Your Side they turned in all the proper paperwork in a timely matter to credit West's account.

So, 3 On Your Side turned to the Home Depot for answers.

The home improvement giant discovered there was a glitch on their end and after 3 On Your Side brought it to their attention, Home Depot credited West's account in full.

Thanks to both companies for looking into the matter for 3 On Your Side.

West says she is now looking forward to moving on.